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The best time for planting

Learn more about when to plant and how to handle your plants correctly.

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Time for planting | Storage

In order to be successful in your planting, it is important to handle the plants correctly. By planting in accordance with the species’ plant cycle, you increase the chances of getting a successful planting and minimise the risk of frost damage or them drying out.

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Planting times

These plants have a greater chance of survival if you plant them according to their natural cycles. 

Here you can see a list of the optimal planting times for various plants (UK in progess).


Storing plants

Plants from Forstplant are delivered in cardboard boxes on euro pallets unless something else has been agreed.

The plants must be placed in a cool and shady area. The plants should be planted within 3-5 days unless they are refrigerated.

You shouldn’t open the cardboard boxes until the plants are to be planted. If you open the box, you increase the risk of the plants drying out. If the plants dry out, they lose vitality and are less capable of surviving.

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